Roy Bartholomew Sonora CA

Director of Engineering for On Guard Security Systems Inc.

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In Modesto, California, Roy Bartholomew (Roy Bartholomew Sonora) is the Director of Engineering at On Guard Security Systems, Inc. Mr. Bartholomew was born and reared in the San Francisco Bay Area, the youngest of seven children born to French-speaking Cajun parents.

Roy Bartholomew is also the owner of By Referral Only Electric. After 35 years in engineering, he has amassed a specialized and in-demand skill set and beneficial relationships with local and national company owners.

Mr. Bartholomew's engineering, design work, and consulting services for Biodomes and other engineered ecosystems are well recognized in the engineering world, in addition to his full-time profession and entrepreneurial endeavours. Mr. Bartholomew currently resides in Northern California with his wife and children.

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